Complete Onsite Investigation - 10-15 page websites

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A website needs a number of pages to ensure it provides all the relevant information required by its visitors. However, in order to rank a website successfully it is imperative that the architecture of the site is considered from an SEO perspective in terms of structure, landing pages, index-able pages, site cross linking and inter-site linking. This package valid for websites with 10-15 pages. Websites with more pages can be quoted individually. Contact Paul.
AU$ 1,100.00 including GST
AU$ 1,000.00 excluding GST
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Part 1: Onsite works

  • Full onsite investigation
  • Over 140 important issues manually checked that could affect your site indexation in Google.
  • Detailed keyword analysis & research
  • Duplicate content check
  • Identify other issues with functionality (Provide quote if necessary)
  • Site hierarchy
  • Identify target landing pages
  • Content density review
  • Identify index-able pages
  • Site interlinking structure map
  • xml & HTML sitemaps
  • Title bar wording
  • H1-H6 Headers
  • Meta descriptions
  • Meta keywords
  • Image alts

Part 2: Back Link Analysis & Link building

  • Snap shot analysis of back link profile – who is linking to you now
  • Suggestion on removal of problematic / negative links that may have been uploaded in the past and are now negatively affecting your organic position in Google search

Part 3: Hosting & WHOIS Recommendations

  • Identify issues & conflict URL’s
  • Recommend hosting packages based on specific site requirements

Part 4: Site Architecture

  • Investigate page structure and interlinking
  • Submit report to you for confirmation

Reporting: Importance of installation of Google Analytics:

A website is the portal to your company and as such, needs to be designed in order to attract visitors into the company and to sell the products or services on offer.  Only once the site is being found by visitors are you truly able to determine how your site works with visitors.  Through careful analysis of Google analytics, with goal setting, Leaf Media and can work towards increasing conversion rates from your visitors and provide you with a monthly summary report. (Should your business elect to work with our recommendations after the onsite investigation phase, we can assist with analytics set up and/ or interpretation)

Setting up of Goals & E-commerce

  • Keyword analysis
  • Traffic analysis
  • Entrance & exit page analysis
  • Timing analysis
  • Page load analysis
  • Source analysis

Site Functionality

  • Navigation
  • Enquiry or purchase process
  • Cross selling
  • Product location

We will also provide a Google keyword rank tracker report so you can monitor your search engine position & progress.

All you need to do is provide 20 keywords.