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Google SEO Adelaide: Unlike other 'SEO professionals' Paul has his own online businesses. Paul understands keywords, and the value of good organic traffic.


Paul is an internet business professional and online business developer for over 20 years. He likes businesses with interesting ideas.

Marketing qualified in 1989, and a law degree with distinction in 2020, Paul has 20 years' Google SEO experience.

20 years of trusted partnerships and capacity to bring your idea to life, or give your existing idea new life.

March 2022

Paul quit his day job in 2003 and has been working exclusively online ever since. 

No stock markets, no share trading, no cryptocurrency - just online business optimisation for 20 years. 

Paul focuses on keywords, and looks for domain authority and trust flows from links for organic traffic.

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March 2022


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Oz Doggy - since 2004 - ongoing business with over 1,400 longtail keyword search results in Google

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Mr Lawyer Man - since 2016 - Google 'R v Kina' and this website is a top Google search result found by law students.

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Jacko does not just give SEO advice; he is active with his own online businesses - every day testing, proving and applying the same services he offers to clients. 


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