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Jacko does not just give advice, he is active with his own online businesses - every day testing, proving and applying the same services he offers to clients. 


Jacko has launched a website that helps people find a Cairns Airport Shuttle to Port Douglas - and this is tracking well. 

Mr Lawyer Man is Paul Jackson, a 2020 Bachelor of Laws graduate of JCU in Cairns, Australia. 

Mr Lawyer Man is a registered trademark in Australia, and a registered business name with ASIC.

Following graduation Paul continues to operate his Google SEO business, and business, from his base in Port Douglas.

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TOURISM WEBSITES and are tourism websites developed by Paul and Visnja. In addition to and others now live in Port Douglas like Port Douglas Home Services - we have created four great tourism websites. We understand the need for mobile friendly websites, good forms and importantly - getting your website onto page one of Google