New Google Adwords Account Set Up

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Paul sets up your account with individual login access and you pay for all clicks. If you need help in the future, Jacko or anyone you approve can 'drop in' and assist with settings.
AU$ 495.00 including GST
AU$ 450.00 excluding GST
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Paul sets up your account with individual login access. You pay for all clicks direct to Google. We set up and advise the best click cost for your budget.
Usual turnaround in 2018 is for activation in up to 5 business days from payment, or sooner. You will need to provide some information during set up, and login to activate billing. We will help you through that process.
If you need help in the future, Paul or anyone you later approve can 'drop in' and assist with settings.
This product eligible to receive bonus $100 Google credit (subject to availability and if no other vouchers have been applied) within 14 days of new account start up. Most new accounts recover our set up cost in the first 30 days. 
Set up service includes creation of a totally individual account for your business. Up to 50 relevant keywords applied and activated under the best option of broad match, "phrase match" or [exact match] as will best suit your business needs. The set up covers 1 campaign targeted to your locality or delivery area and two Ad Groups within that campaign. You need a valid MasterCard or Visa to enable Google to charge your card direct for click cost.
Paul will work with you to establish and suggest the best daily budget and keyword bid cost. Daily budgets can start from as little as $1 a day. But as a rule we find most businesses will spend around $8-$10 a day when starting. This allows their business to bid different amounts for different words. All assistance and advice for this set up process is included in this Google AdWords account Set Up.
Note: You will be charged a standard AUD$10 fee direct from Google to activate your new account.