Google Adwords REVIEW or Adwords help. Popular service since 2010.

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You already have a Google Adwords Account? But need help? OR you need general advice re: Google Adwords. All Australian Service.
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AU$ 350.00 excluding GST
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This service for businesses who already have a Google Account but not sure what they are doing or feel they are not getting best value for their spend.

This product eligible to receive bonus $100 Google credit (subject to availability and if no other vouchers have been applied) within 14 days of new account start up. Most new accounts recover our review cost in the first 30 days.

What is the right spend for your business? $5 a day? $10 a day? $30 a day? How much per word? What is the right text for an advert?

Can simply changing the text in an advert make an advert more expensive or cheaper? Yes, it can. Why?

With over 10 years AdWords experience Paul reviews and reworks your campaign and advises how to get best results. Paul manages settings like: keyword match, geotargeting, negative keyword lists, callouts, sitelinks, call extensions, conversion code, advert text, bids, ad scheduling, mobilised adverts and more.

This service dedicates up to three hours of professional and 100% Australian examination of your business, website and related questions. You will talk to Paul in this process - who can also make monthly or weekly changes with your ongoing Google management and reporting.

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