Adelaide SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimisation gets business from being on Google page 1 by making keywords and organic traffic work for you.

Paul is a retired SEO consultant who has worked exclusively online for 20 years, creating tourism and advertising portals, and once helped small to medium businesses compete online with the big end of town. 

Paul has a number of businesses making money online every day, as well as new businesses in development.  Contact Paul. Some free tips and insights below.

  • Quality SEO offsite programs endorse and lift products or services onto Google page one.
  • Business needs the 'right vibe' for the online marketplace they are in.
  • T&Cs should not copy and paste from 'the internet' - write your own and understand keyword density issues.
  • Duplicate content issues are why your business should not copy and paste from the internet - write your own with keyword balance.
  • Create good content. Content remains King, search remains Queen. 
  • Marketing 101 fundamentals and the four Ps that are still relevant: place, product, price and promotion. The internet is now 'the' place.
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - is getting business from being on Google page 1 which is the only place to be.
  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing - is using organic free search results on Google page 1 to market your business.
  • Businesses need trusted SEO partners. Paul has these for 20 years and combines offsite SEO with metrics analysis and applying the benefit of experienced human eyes.