Website audits and onsite investigations


Paul offers the following online marketing services in 2021:

  • Google Adwords help
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) services
  • Website audits from $165 or $1100 to help your business get better organic search for your website.

All services below can be offered individually OR as part of an SEO package. These online marketing packages have been developed after reviewing client needs over the past n ine years. It is unrealistic to isolate Adwords improvements , without applying the same techniques towards SEO and optimising new inward links to a clients website. Everything is interlinked and needs coordination, including quality text links.

Please select a service below or contact Paul for an SEO quote for your business today.

  • A website needs a number of pages to ensure it provides all the relevant information required by its visitors. However, in order to rank a website successfully it is imperative that the architecture of the site is considered from an SEO perspective in terms of structure, landing pages, index-able pages, site cross linking and inter-site linking. This package valid for websites with 10-15 pages. Websites with more pages can be quoted individually. Contact Paul.
    AU$ 1,100.00
    AU$ 1,000.00 excl GST
  • Q: How well do you know your business website? Do you know whether your website offering products or services has any issues or penalties that Google may be marking you down for? Is your website being held back for something as simple as a few broken links that you don't even know about? Cost: $165 INC GST delivered in full within 3 business days of payment and receipt of your URL.
    AU$ 165.00
    AU$ 150.00 excl GST