Testimonials from paulackson.biz clients

"Since the tweaks were put into place my enquiry rate has greatly increased and business is improving every month. Instead of costing thousands of dollars as charged by many others, I now have a very high standard and ranked website all due to the work done by Paul Jackson biz. In today’s competitive business world one needs an edge and mine is, Paul Jackson at Paul Jackson biz."


"I highly recommend Paul. He has been an invaluable asset in us establishing our online business strategy and online success.  Paul does not sell snake oil. He is also hands on working the coal face with his own successful internet sites - all that rank well. 

I cannot recommend him highly enough. Given what you have on your plate at the moment I'd be working with Paul to secure those key words that are so very important in people finding YOU and not the OTHER guys. I'd look at putting in place a strategy to make it very expensive for the new kids on the block to compete with your key words. 

Paul is a good man to have on your side. We engaged Paul to provide advise on our web site structure and  now he conducts regular reviews for us on an ongoing basis around Google Ad words. The internet is organic and continually moving so your strategy needs to evolve and be tweaked as well. 

Get Paul working for you."