List of current Australian and New Zealand clients.

Paul Jackson welcomed Google SEO and Adwords enquiries from all industries. Paul specialised in getting to know his customers, their business, their industry, and their competitors. Paul treated as confidential all info uncovered when working for clients. Paul's general approach was always to promote only one business per industry in one geographic area.

Client list for Google Adwords Management

Let Paul help your business

Paul offered a range of services from new account set up to review and management of existing Adwords accounts. Since 2022 Paul no longer offers Google AdWords services.

Google Adwords, website SEO
and keyword link strategies

Many new accounts - after the set up period - asked Paul to manage and refine the campaign over 2-3 months. After that time - campaigns usually found an ideal base within the target budget and were OK to proceed. After the start up period - customers then often asked Paul to review every 3-4 months. Google Adwords is a never ending auction of words with the 'playing field' changing with every single search request. Google also regularly adds new features, usually pitched to help campaigns reach more people more effectively and more cost efficiently.